Saturday, May 1, 2010

B is for bad parents

bad parents we all hate them and we all have met them . their mean, and smell bad they pass gas when it's quiet and the have a weird way that they to love you like when they hit you, ya they love you.
Do you see the pour girl on the picture to the left you know her parents love her , they love here so much the put a dam cat in her cake ya you know there's gonna be hair in that cake. That cat is so nice he always Tell's the truth then he goes and changes the settings in your car radio then you'll hate that cat. That little girl is like omg I can see his but crack and you know that cat is not ashamed to be like a plumper.

Now if your adopted it doesn't mean your parents are bad, but if you get sent back to Russia on a plane after you get adopted then your parents are wired clowns . click the word now
I wonder what it would look like when you tell your kid that there adopted it would look like the girl in the picture ya that. but that's as real as Sandra Bulics noes your parents will never put a cat in your cake.

OK I got a question what would you do if you got flown back to Russia leave your comments in the box bellow comment

Now why would any one tap a baby to a sine don't know

Life lesson; they will always love you unless your a Russian orphan I commented on
Robert's blog on buses

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

C is for clowns>:)

Clowns, scary, funny, sometimes fat but mostly scary when you think about it they're almost as scary as Sahara palin and T-pain combined, clowns almost as scary, almost. As a kid I was never scared of clowns never, unlike some people Marcus. I just don’t find them scary well ya if your a parent your worst nightmare is booking some psycho guy, in a clown suite that like kills your kid and his friends but what's the likelihood of that. Never going to happen your never going to get this guy in the left right corner scary. He'll eat all the corn dogs!!!! :0-OMG NOT THE CORNDOGS!!! Yes, the corn dogs. All clowns really are is some lonely guy in a costume that lives in his mom’s house who Eats Fruit-loops for breakfast, lunch and corn dogs for dinner. Yes corn-dogs

Many people find clowns scary rather than just plane awesome. Children and Marcus tend to be scared of the face and some body parts, such as hands and feet. OR they’re just scared of being eaten alive :). Your probably saying no clowns will never eat some one or will they I think yes what do you think leave a comment in the comment box bellow say that in a deep voice and its three times cooler than normal:)

Time for short stories about clowns that are scary

There was a boy named Marcus he was in love with clown until his mom hired an evil psycho crazy fat killing clown then he was terrified forever the end and the clown eat all the corn-dogs. That is what short stories are all about are you scared of clowns comment in the boxy thingy below oh oh ohhhhhhh oooooh tik tok there is so much spelling errors their bye for now

Comment now or the clown will get you

Thought don’t judge someone from there mask that there wearing :) ;)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Copy this it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny:] put it at the adress bar
Ausralian sneezing comercial is the coolest comercial ever
HA HA sneezing AUSTRAILIans

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I commented on Michael's blog

Z is for zip-lineing

imagine flying throw the air at speeds up to 90 miles per hour and only being held on by a thin wire thats what it like zip-lining. Zip-lining is the most awesome thing in the world you are going so fast and its so scary . Seriously it's like ahhhhhhh then you stop and the stop hearts but the ride is so amazing . So in Mexico we went to this place called explore the zip-lining was amazing the tallest tower was about 127 you could see Tulom. All together there was 17 towers 5 hanging brigs and 2.3 miles of zip-line and a lot of fun

Now in zip-lining you usually have rubber gloves and you stop by holding the ropes but not in mexico. but you can get in a conversation with an iguana not much words are said but lots of heads are nodded . mexico was awesome and I will never forget it

life lesson: sometimes you got to go out of you comfort zone to have fun